My Packers 7 Round Mock Draft

Using to simulate the NFL draft and make my picks for the Packers.

Round 1 pick #29 : Jabrill Peppers, S Michigan

I’m not sure if the Packers would actually pull the trigger on Peppers if he falls to them, but he fell to me in my simulation and I could not have picked him faster. He could end up being the best player to come out of this draft and Dom Capers would have a blast using him much like he used Micah Hyde or Charles Woodson all over the field. The Packers would also have an immediate upgrade at punt return as well (also a void left from Hyde). Bottom line, the Packers need a playmaker in the secondary and while he only had 1 pick in college, I’m not at all worried about his playmaking abilities. Huge steal for the Pack in round 1.

Round 2 pick #29: Adoree Jackson, CB USC

This was a tough pick as I was hoping to grab a linebacker here but the way the draft shook out there were none available that I was willing to spend a second-round pick on. So I did what the Packers did in the draft 2 years ago and took a defensive back in the first and second round who also happens to be the best player available. Jackson has the speed and ball skills to effectively replace Sam Sheilds as an outside corner allowing for Quinten Rollins and possibly Demarious Randall to both play slot corner roles. He and Peppers were both dynamic in the return game and also both used on offense as well. Best available player and huge ceiling.

Round 3 pick #29: Alex Anzalone, LB Florida

I wanted Vince Beigel here because he is a Clay Matthews clone but he got picked up two picks before I could grab him. So, again, I went with the best player available and that was the athletic linebacker Alex Anzalone out of Florida. He is a sideline to sideline defender and would immediately be an upgrade at linebacker at least in terms of athleticism to what the Packers currently have on their roster.

Round 4 pick #27: Jamaal Williams, RB Utah

The Packers need at running back isn’t as huge as some people think as they averaged over 30 points a game with their current stable of running backs. However, Jamaal Williams adds depth to the position and he’s a 3 down back that reminds me of Frank Gore, very hard to bring down 1 on 1. Could easily see him as a Packer.

Round 5 pick #28: Ejuan Price, EDGE Pitt

I’m not sure the Packers would actually take him due to his lack of height and length but I like the guy and I think he’ll be good in the NFL. Comes off the ball very fast and plays with an extremely high motor plus he can actually use his 5’11 height as a leverage advantage like James Harrison has been doing the past decade in the NFL.

Round 5 pick #38: Dede Westbrook, WR Oklahoma

Jordy Nelson is getting up there in age and Devonte Adams’ contract is coming up. Packers get an extremely good route runner who also has the speed to get behind defenders and has very solid hands. Westbrook was a Heisman finalist but lack of size will drop him into the later rounds. Packers get another steal with a player who has been compared to Marvin Harrison.

Round 6 pick #28: Robert Davis, WR Georgia State

Athletic freak who lit up the combine with numbers comparable to Julio Jones. One of the best athletes in the draft that the Packers would love to turn into a great receiver similar to what they have been trying to do with Jeff Janis.

Round 7 pick #29: Josh Carraway, EDGE TCU

Packers final pick is another athletic edge rusher with good potential. Biggest weakness is a lack of toughness but will be pushed with guys like Mike Daniels on the team. Could end up being a steal if he can put his athleticism to use on the field.


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